Make Black Friday Green

Posted: Nov 27 2013

It's Black Friday at Marlandia! Help us make it green!

Sustainable consumption can include investing in local small businesses in your community. Buying organic. Hand made. Recycled. BPA free. Produced with fair trade wages. Donating a percentage of profits to charity. Funding products that help those less privileged among us. Green. Eco. And on and on and on. 

So, this Black Friday Thanksgivukkah 2013, what will it be? 

Getting to that first place in line at Best Buy before the Turkey has even cooled? 

Landing that deal on your big screen TV you've been waiting all year for?

Thanksgiving midnight mall run for 40% off at Banana Republic with your cousins? It's a family event, after all!

Here at Marlandia, we define sustainable as leaving people or planet better off than we found it.  

Today, for Black Friday, we offer you deals on our hand made, fair trade products made from recycled fabrics.


Which will you choose? 

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. 

Turn Black Friday green with Marlandia's sustainable eco fashion deals.

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