11.1.13 -- Welcome to the New Marlandia!

Posted: Oct 28 2013

We are beyond excited to inhabit our new home at www.marlandia.com! This website is made on Shopify, so we can finally keep content fresh and current, let you know what is happening with us in terms of events, upload the newest press pieces, put products on sale, share this blog, and continually bring you brand new hand-made, fair trade products by Retalhos Cariocas, each of which is so unique you will be the only one to have it. Check out their new bags!

Through this blog, we will also bring Brazil to you in ways that relate to the artistic, social, cultural, economic and political context in which these products are made.


We will begin by reposting some of the blog posts from 2013 that were featured on a separate blog platform, so bear with us on the dates not matching up. 


Thanks to the photography and web skills of Karmio founder Sibte Hassan for breathing life into this site, as well as a special thanks to stylist and photographer Sabina Lundgren and models Reena Roy, Diavana Zarzuela, and Kayla Starmer. Arrasa! 





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